Considerations When Relocating for Work in Texas

Lilyana Amenity Center

The job market is always shifting and changing. Some career opportunities may require remote work, while other jobs call for a long commute. Occasionally, a new job opportunity can also require relocating to another city or even another part of the country.

One area of the country that has always had a booming and diverse job market is Texas. With prominent companies in the oil and gas industry, and opportunities in healthcare, technology, and renewable energy, relocating to Texas presents a lot of possibilities for professional growth.

Whether you’re a Texas native moving within the state, or you’re relocating to Texas from another part of the county, finding your footing in a new community can be tricky. That’s why the real estate experts at Lilyana have compiled some helpful steps for moving to a new city so you can feel confident and relaxed throughout the moving process.

Consider Texas’s Family-Friendly Reputation

In addition to the booming job market, Texas also has some of the most family-friendly communities in the country. For those looking for nature and community, families relocating to Texas can get the best of both worlds in a community like Lilyana.

Only 10 minutes away from Frisco with 50 acres of open space and nature walks, Lilyana strikes the right balance between the convenience of city living with the restorative benefits of nature. Children can enjoy outdoor activities with a number of bike trails and community parks, while busy parents can maintain a better work-life balance when relocating for work to the serene Lilyana community. In addition to recreational amenities, Lilyana also has access to Prosper ISD Schools for elementary, middle school, and high school-aged kids.

When moving your family for a job, looking for kid-friendly communities is key, and Lilyana has always offered residents a happy and relaxed place to live, grow, and explore.

Consider Listing Prices of Available Homes

It’s important to understand the real estate market of your prospective new neighborhood when relocating for a job. According to Zillow, Texas’s median home value is $211,199 which is a bit below the national average. While this average is for the entire state, familiarizing oneself with listing prices around major cities is a helpful step for moving to a new city.

As a newly developed community north of Frisco in the City of Celina, Lilyana’s beautiful, family-sized homes are competitively priced and move-in ready. The expert home builders at Lilyana make it possible to relocate quickly while also building the home of your dreams.

From spacious 4-bedroom homes built by Perry Homes or Highland Homes to charming residences built by American Legend Homes, Lilyana has home styles and competitive pricing to suit every homebuyer. Get to know the real estate market of your prospective community by contacting the real estate experts at Lilyana and check out the most popular builds and current listing prices.

Consider the New Cost of Living

In addition to a new community to explore and new neighbors to meet, there are also financial considerations to take into account as a step for moving to a new city. Understanding cost of living is particularly helpful when relocating for work because it can help you approach the subject of a raise or a cost of living adjustment with an employer.

The average cost of living is lower in Texas than the national average. This lower cost of living can help you and your family save money and potentially afford a larger home. You’ll also want to keep in mind Texas is one of the only states without a state income tax, so there’s added potential to save money when relocating to the Lone Star state.

Aside from taxes and cost of living considerations, Texas has many communities, like Lilyana, that use semi-annual HOA payments for maintenance on common areas, amenities, and parks. Additionally, Lilyana is located in a PID (Public Improvement District) that allows cities to fund public infrastructure. This helps the neighborhood run efficiently without much additional cost to the residents. To learn more about tax rates and neighborhood services, read Lilyana’s FAQs.

Consider the Weather and Climate

Preparing for a different climate when moving family for a job is another great way to get settled in a new community. For Texans moving to areas of the country where it tends to be cooler, preparing for seasons can help you and your family adjust to snowy winters and April showers.

For those relocating to Texas, it will be necessary to prepare for warmer weather and less seasonal change. In cities like Dallas, Frisco, and Celina in north Texas, the average annual high temperature is 77°F while the average annual low is 52°F. For cities in the south like Austin, annual highs tend to reach the 80s with lows in the 60s.

The amount of annual rainfall is another thing to consider with moving family for a job. Homebuyers looking at homes in the Dallas area can expect more rainfall than those seeking to purchase a home near Austin. Understanding these temperature averages as well as weather trends can help you make the right weather-proofing decisions for your new home long before you move in.

Visit The Area Before the Move

Another helpful step for moving to a new city is to plan a visit. Photos, images, and maps online can be a great help in the early stages of research, but physically visiting the community or seeing available homes in person can bring all of those details fully into focus.

In a community like Lilyana, sales counselors and the friendly HOA are always ready to welcome guests and provide tours of the communal spaces at the heart of the community. From the refreshing community pool to the outdoor pavilion and open green spaces, Lilyana provides access to relaxation and activity. Get in touch today and experience the convenience and community that makes Lilyana a truly special place to live.