Home Design Trends to Watch in 2022

We all had high hopes for 2021 – international travel, family reunions, the return of the wedding. Instead, many of us had brief forays into the world, but ultimately continued to take solace and creative inspiration in our homes. We may finally be able to have close friends over to visit, but the world is still far from “normal”.

2022 remains unpredictable at best. However, there are already a few emerging home design trends that can help us continue to deepen our appreciation for the home. Whether carving out a permanent place for your WFH space, putting the finishing touches on your entertainment areas, or maximizing your favorite room, there are plenty of ways to evolve your décor next year. 

If you’re shopping for your first home at Lilyana by Hillwood in Celina, TX, sheltering in place elsewhere, or simply want to reinvent your space, these 2022 interior design trends are sure to get your creative juices flowing. 

Vintage and Grandmillenial to the Front

As Erica Riggio of Green Owl Designs recently told Apartment Therapy, “Repurposed design – buying vintage or repurposing/refinishing what you have – will dominate home design in 2022. Supply chain issues have shown us that we can be inventive with what is local and available to us.” That’s also led to a home trend phenomenon known as ‘grandmillenial.’ It focuses on vintage, family heirloom, or antique pieces, making them the center point of your space. Pattern mixing and color pops are also prominent. It’s nostalgic, it’s traditionalist, and it’s going to be everywhere next year.

Elevated Outdoor Living

The great outdoors looked even greater during a time when being inside with others was risky. That’s not going away any time soon. Expect to see outdoor living rooms designed with the same care and detail as those inside the home. Many are expressly resort-like, with furniture placements that invite conversation and features aimed at rejuvenation.


One of the latest trends in home design is Japandi. “This is a Scandinavian-Japanese mix for interior design. It is very minimalist… It brings a lot of natural elements into a space with [a] muted palette, natural light, plants, and clean simple lines,” Designer & Manager of Production Design at Living Spaces, Jessica Harris, tells The Spruce.

Energizing and Inspiring Home Offices

Builders who follow new home design trends are beginning to adjust floor plans to accommodate our flex-work lifestyles. Some even include two dedicated offices for multiple adults. As we continue to take stock of how and where we work best, our homes will be cemented as centers of productivity. Whether you’re permanently remote or enjoying a hybrid schedule, make sure you have private, WFH space that’s zoom-friendly. That means putting more effort into planning your background. Matte paints in solid colors or wood paneling and organized bookshelves are popular choices.

No dedicated office? No problem. Multifunctional rooms and multifunctional furniture pieces can help you make sure you’re utilizing every square foot of space in your home intentionally. Use them to carve out a productive workspace anywhere in the house. Many homeowners are pairing the trend with maximalist designs that prominently feature bright colors and contrasting patterns to inspire the workday and every day.

Nurturing Nature

When we couldn’t safely experience the outside world, we brought the outside world to us. Houseplants helped us slow down and remember that life finds a way. Even if we felt stagnant, they were reminders of the subtle changes taking place all around us. And they’re here to stay.


Curvature is one of the latest interior design trends to surface as we enter 2022. From sculptural seating and arched accents to circular full-length mirrors, rounded is everywhere. It’s just the softness we need after this last stretch of time.

2022 FAQ:

What is the color trend for 2022?

Experts say that all shades of green, and especially emerald, are going to be the definitive paint and accent color trend next year.

What is the decorating trend for 2022?

Japandi and Grandmillenial are two of the newest and most popular decorating trends that are already making a splash.

Are accent walls out?

If you need to jazz up your walls, consider a temporary wallpaper accent as opposed to a painted accent wall in 2022.

Many of us are still nesting – and probably will be for some time. While no one can be sure exactly what awaits us in 2022, the home space continues to be both a sanctuary and a source of creativity. Expect to see more optimistic interiors as our homes remain our havens.

Design Amenities at Lilyana by Hillwood

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