How Celina & Collin County Are Changing

Celina is one of the fastest-growing cities in North Texas, and that growth is due in part to the many changes that have been made in the city and Collin County as a whole. In this article, we’ll take a look at how Celina and Collin County are changing for the better and what that means for you.

Recent Changes in Celina and Collin County

The changes made in Celina and Collin County in recent years benefit long time residents, brand new residents, real estate investors, and more. Here are a few of those positive impacts.

An Ideal Communities for Families

First is the construction of new home communities. These communities are built from the ground up with convenience and quality of life in mind, making them the ideal places to move in, raise a family, and become a part of a wonderful neighborhood.

Lilyana is one such community. Here, we offer a wide range of amenities including a fishing pond, parks, playgrounds, sports courts, biking trails, and a resort-style pool, all within the acclaimed Prosper ISD.

A Great Place to Work

Not only is Celina great for raising a family, but it’s also an ideal location to work. Between the years of 2010 and 2019, over 202,000 jobs were created in Collin County, making it a prime location to either start your career or take it to the next level. In addition, the average commute time in the county is under 30 minutes, and initiatives have been passed to improve roads used by those with longer commutes.

Attractive Real Estate Incentives

Further feeding into the population explosion in Celina are the prime opportunities for real estate. To encourage real estate investment and expansion in the area, the city of Celina has a number of programs that are of special interest to those wanting to build within the city. These include such programs as:

  • The Neighborhood Empowerment Zone (NEZ), which reduces fees for commercial and residential construction in the area.
  • Downtown Improvement Programs (DIP), which reimburses half the cost of “meaningful additions to the public realm,” such as public art, lighting, façade improvements, etc.
  • Residential Tax Reinvestment Program (RTRP), which covers tax increases (one-time only) from improvements and expansions on residential properties downtown.

Business owners, builders, and real estate investors can benefit from these incentives, drawing more commerce to the area as a result.

Continuing Improvements

Not only has Celina seen recent improvements, but those improvements are likely to continue. For instance, the city recently announced an $8 million project that would enhance various aspects of the city, such as drainage, parking, water lines, and more. This project and others will continue to increase the quality of life in the area, attracting more people.

Celina Vs. Prosper – A Quick Comparison

Celina isn’t the only city to see changes for the better; neighboring Prosper is also an excellent place to move to. To understand what both these cities have to offer, let’s look at some quick comparisons using the latest census data.


Homeownership in both Celina and Prosper is high, with percentages reaching 80.7% and 86.4% respectively. This is much higher than the 65% in Collin and Denton counties as a whole.

Average homeowner costs (minus mortgage) are higher in Prosper at $1,133 per month versus $827 in Celina, which is closer to the median for Collin County.


Population-wise, Prosper is home to more households than Celina (6,634 versus 3,466 at the last census). Prosper also has a slightly higher average number of persons per household. In 2010, however, Celina had a higher population per square mile at 430.2 versus Prosper’s 417.3. Naturally, that number has likely increased significantly as the city has grown.


The most current data available (2012) from the U.S. Economic Census shows both cities are booming economically, with retail sales of $23.6 million in Celina and $35.4 million in Prosper. Ready access to shopping and comfortable commute times (just under 35 minutes for both Celina and Prosper) make these cities convenient, desirable places to live. In fact, from 2015 to 2019, most residents of these towns reported living in the same home they did the previous year (84.6% in Celina and 83.7% in Prosper).

Find a Place Where Tranquility and Convenience Meet

If you’re looking for an excellent place to live, Celina—and specifically, Lilyana—is a place where tranquility and convenience meet. Learn more about our location or get in touch to discover why people love living in Lilyana by Hillwood!