Celina, Texas – Plans & Programs Promote Economic Growth

The City of Celina, TX, located within Collin County in North Texas, is one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation. The plans and programs the city has implemented in recent years have helped drive that growth while accommodating new businesses and residents, making it an ideal destination for new move-ins.

How Celina, TX Is Encouraging Growth

According to U.S. census data, the population in Celina reached more than 16,000 in 2020, up 167% from its previous census count of approximately 6,000 in 2010. Since 2020, the city’s population has risen even further, and is estimated to be approximately 27,000, with no sign of stopping. The City of Celina has helped support this growth in the following ways:

  • Various downtown development incentives to drive real estate improvements.
  • Business incentives through the Celina Economic Development Corporation.
  • Fun events and opportunities to connect with citizens and promote the quality of life in Celina.

Celina, TX Downtown Programs

This fast-growing Collin County community has become an attractive location for business owners due to the numerous incentive programs offered in downtown Celina, Tx.  Let’s explore three of the most influential of these programs.

Downtown Improvement Programs

Businesses and property owners that add “meaningful additions” to public spaces can benefit from Celina’s Downtown Improvement Program (DIP), which provides grants of up to $25,000 to reimburse 50% of the cost of an improvement. Some examples of meaningful additions include improvements to building facades, public art installations, enhanced lighting, seating, and other aesthetic enhancements that those living in Celina, TX and visitors can enjoy while downtown.

Neighborhood Empowerment Zone

Construction projects typically incur the expense of building permits and impact fees, but the Neighborhood Empowerment Zone (NEZ) program helps take the edge off those costs. Those who undertake remodeling or new construction projects downtown can enjoy reduced prices for the required permits and fees.

Residential Tax Reinvestment Program

Finally, the Residential Tax Reinvestment Program (RTRP) provides a one-time payment to defray the increase in city property tax resulting from the improvement (valued at $20,000 or more) to the exterior of an existing downtown area residence.  The improvement or expansion must follow Downtown Celina architectural standards. When improvements are made that preserve historical landmarks and beautify the area, the downtown area becomes more attractive for new businesses to move in, further expanding the number of jobs available to Celina residents.

The Role of the Celina Economic Development Corporation (CEDC)

The Celina Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) is an organization that targets and attracts businesses with the goal of creating new jobs in the area. The CEDC does this by offering incentives and helping businesses find the capital they need to get up and running.

Some of the CEDC’s incentives and services include:

  • Capital investment incentives
  • Job creation incentives
  • Tax abatements
  • Infrastructure assistance
  • Permitting and development
  • Building fee waivers

The CEDC’s efforts have been successful so far, with 19 new businesses added in 2019, creating 275 jobs for Celina residents. That number is likely to continue increasing in coming years as Celina’s growth explosion surges forward.

Additional Initiatives to Promote Growth in Celina, TX

On top of the financial incentives offered to attract businesses to Celina, TX, additional programs and events contribute to the city’s reputation as a connected community with a vision for growth.

City Events and Festivals

Downtown Celina, TX is home to many events, such as:

  • Holiday-related events and local festivals
  • Free concerts
  • Movie nights
  • The Friday Night Market, which features local vendors and artisans

These events attract people from all over North Texas, drawing customers to Celina’s businesses and enhancing the city’s reputation as a destination for fun.

Citizens’ Government Academy

This is a unique program that is open to Celina business owners and residents, age 18 and up, who want to learn more about how the local government operates.  This free class covers such topics as city engineering, public safety, infrastructure, residential life, economic development, etc. and is likely to produce more than a few future city leaders.

Celina is a Gigabit City

One of Celina’s major strengths is connection, and this is literally true when it comes to the local internet infrastructure. The city’s network of fiber optic lines has earned it its designation as an official Gigabit City, meaning all residents and businesses have access to at least 1 Gbps connectivity speed.

Celina Life Connected App

Finally, the City of Celina has developed an app that allows residents to keep tabs on local news and events, pay bills, and access services and resources. The Celina Life Connected app increases the level of connection between residents, business owners, and the city.

Live in a Great Community in Texas’s Fastest-Growing City

In the face of this unprecedented growth, it’s an exciting time to be living in Celina, TX. If you’re looking for a great community in which to grow, start a business, or simply settle down, Lilyana by Hillwood is the perfect place to enjoy what Celina has to offer. Plus, it’s within the acclaimed Prosper ISD! Find your new home or get in touch with us to learn more.