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7 Holiday Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

Have a new homeowner on your shopping list? This holiday season, why not give a thoughtful holiday housewarming gift they can use as they settle in to their new place?   Whether you need gift ideas for new homeowners or are putting together a wish list of your own, here are some great holiday housewarming gift ideas.

7 New Homeowner Holiday Gifts

If you’re looking for the best housewarming gift ideas this holiday season, here are a few great examples to get you started.

1. Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorations can make wonderful first-time homebuyer gifts.  If the new homeowner is putting up a full-sized Christmas tree for the first time, a lovely personalized ornament that commemorates the new home will become a special keepsake.  Even if this isn’t a first home, a larger house will need more holiday décor.  Themed pillows, metallic garlands, or illuminated table or wall décor are all welcome additions that add an elegant, festive touch to the new home.

2. Bartender Kit

The holidays are a time for gathering and for those who love mixing and serving drinks for family members and guests, a bartending kit makes a great new homeowner holiday gift. A quality cocktail set with a corkscrew, strainer, tongs, cocktail shaker, and more provides everything a new homeowner needs to mix delicious drinks just like they get at their favorite bar or restaurant.

3. Decorative Throws and Weighted Blankets

Who doesn’t love to curl up on the couch under a cozy, soft blanket while watching a movie or reading?  A gorgeous decorative throw makes an ideal holiday gift for the new homeowner, and you can even choose one with a winter or holiday motif.  There are many luxurious and affordable options that look beautiful casually draped over a chair when not in use.

A weighted blanket is another wonderful new homeowner holiday gift.  The pressure from these cozy blankets is calming for many people and research shows they may reduce anxiety and help with insomnia in some cases. Even without these benefits, a weighted blanket can be a welcome way to make a new space more comfortable for new homebuyers.

4. Wireless Grilling Equipment

Outdoor cooking is a fun way to enjoy a new home, and there are plenty of great gadgets out there that can make it a superb experience. Wireless grilling tools such as thermometers, precision cookers, and lighters can help make sure food is prepared to perfection, making them the ideal gift for barbecue enthusiasts.

5. Cordless Stick Vacuum

While they may not be exciting, useful gifts for new homeowners may be the most appreciated, when all is said and done.  While many people enjoy the process of vacuuming, the right tools can make it better for anyone. Cordless stick vacuums are convenient, easy to carry, and powerful, making the whole process of cleaning more palatable, if not thoroughly enjoyable!

6. Bidet Attachment

While it may seem like a gag item (and it might well be, depending on who you’re giving it to), a bidet attachment can be a great way to improve the quality of life for new homeowners. Bidets have been shown to be more hygienic and gentle than relying on toilet paper, and they’re easy to install too! What may start out as a joke may quickly become a valuable addition to a new home.

7. Sports Equipment

Finally, many new homeowners look forward to spending time outdoors, whether that’s in a spacious yard or within your new home community’s green spaces and parks. Sports equipment such as a portable badminton, pickleball or croquet set can make a good holiday housewarming gift for people who love to be active outside. They’re also excellent for getting a family out where they can meet neighbors and friends with similar interests.

Frequently Asked Questions about Housewarming Gifts

What’s a good gift to bring to a holiday housewarming?

Something festive always makes a good holiday housewarming gift.  This might be a bottle of the homeowner’s favorite spirit, or some holiday décor.  The first-time homeowner will appreciate anything they may never have needed while living in an apartment, such as a home tool kit, a gardening set, or a personalized name and/or address plaque to commemorate the purchase of the first home.

How much should I spend on a housewarming gift?

Great gifts come in all price ranges. Usually, $20 to $50 is a good rule of thumb, but at the end of the day, it’s more important for a gift to be useful or meaningful than to be merely expensive.

Is a gift card a good housewarming gift?

Often, housewarming gift lists and registries will include gift cards. A gift card can give new homeowners a lot of flexibility in how they furnish their new house, so it can be a good option if you’re at a loss for ideas or don’t know the recipient that well.

Creating a Warm Welcome at Lilyana by Hillwood

If you’re considering a move yourself, Lilyana by Hillwood is a great option in up-and-coming Celina, Texas. Located within Prosper ISD, our new home community offers homes from four of the top builders in the DFW area. Browse for new construction homes online or visit our builder’s models to see our beautiful community and amenities. Get in touch today!

Is Fall 2022 Still A Good Time to Buy A Home?

So many of us are asking the same question right now: Should I buy a house now or wait until 2023? The short answer is, buy now! If you have the means, consider buying this fall.

The complicated answer is that this simple question depends on a number of factors around your family’s personal circumstances. However, on the whole, most experts and first-time homebuyers agree – it’s still a prime season for buying a home in Prosper, Celina, or Collin County.

Unlike some parts of the US, the DFW housing market is in a great place. The North Texas area is still in high demand, particularly because of its many new home communities.

Trying to decide whether to buy a house now or wait? Don’t wait too long and miss your opportunity. Consider these variables as you kick off your home search.

5 Reasons Why Now Is the Time to Buy A House

If you’re in a good financial position and your job is secure, it can be a great time to invest in a home. Ask any financial expert and they’ll tell you, owning a home or investing in real estate is the fastest route to building wealth.

Some reasons to buy a house now:

Credit score averages are on the rise.

Credit reporting agency, Experian, reports that, “The average credit score in the U.S. hit a record high of 714 in the third quarter of 2021, a 4-point increase from 2020.” Higher credit scores qualify buyers for the lowest interest rates. If you’ve been working on yours, now could be the time to cash in on the effort.

Interest rates tend to fall in the fall.

While it’s true that interest rates have gone up since their historic lows, they are still comparatively great. Plus, rates historically reach their lowest points of the year in Q4. What’s more, given where interest rates were just ten years ago, the average monthly mortgage payment has actually decreased. (Be sure to check the proposed tax rate in your area to get a better idea of your final amount.)

New build inventories are high.

The rush isn’t over, but home inventories are finally starting to catch up from where they were at the height of the buying frenzy. That’s especially true in new home communities like Lilyana by Hillwood, who have available homes from multiple top DFW homebuilders. That means more variety and inventory to choose from, making it a really a good time to buy.

Competition is cooling.

If the thought of engaging in a bidding war gives you pause, you’re certainly not alone. It can drive up the sales price of a home and draw out the time it takes to find your new space. Fortunately, data shows most homes have fewer bidders per listing right now. The National Association of REALTORS® reports that homes for sale are getting half as many offers as compared to Spring.

DFW has a strong job market.

If you’re going to buy a house, you really want job security. Plain and simple. Though no one can predict the future, Dallas and its many suburbs have some of the strongest job markets in the country, making it a great place to find opportunities. In fact, a recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed the local job gain rate increased 6.7%, almost double the national average.

Should you buy a house in 2022 FAQ:

  • When is it too late to buy a home? As a rule of thumb, most financial professionals recommend spending no more than 30% of your gross monthly income on housing expenses. Once you exceed that threshold, you may need to wait until interest rates and/or home prices drop.
  • When is it a good time to buy a house? The housing market has seasons. Generally, fall can be a less competitive time to buy a home. Sales prices and interest rates also historically tend to be lower during this time frame.
  • Will 2023 be a good time to buy a house? Given how cagey the government has been about the economy, it’s unclear what the 2023 housing market will look like. Stay tuned to see what the federal reserve decides to do with interest rates.
  • Is it better to buy a house in 2022 or in 2023? If you can financially afford it and the time is right for your family to settle, consider buying in 2022 to avoid potentially increasing interest rates in 2023.

Buy a New Home at Lilyana by Hillwood + Invest in Your Future

So, final verdict. Is it a good time to buy a home or is now a bad time to buy a house? You have our opinion, but do your own research and take your personal financial situation into account before deciding.

Just remember – things change quickly in real estate. Celina is the fastest growing city in North Texas, keeping attractive new home communities like Lilyana in high demand. That’s not only good for future resale value, it’s also a great place to settle and ride out whatever the economy does next.

Want to chat through your options and run your situation by a knowledgeable professional? Contact our builders for more information or take a virtual tour to see what Lilyana by Hillwood is all about!

6 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Virtual Home Tours

Lilyana home Living Room

Where do you start when you’re ready to look for a new home? Your first thought might be to jump in the car and begin touring new home communities, and that’s perfectly valid. But without focus and a few ideas about what you want, you may be burning a lot of gas and time and seeing little in the way of results.

Virtual home tours are a great starting point. They were already popular before the pandemic, but in the last few years, the benefits of virtual tours have become more apparent, and the number of virtual home tours has been increasing. The pandemic accelerated the use of many virtual services, especially those for home buying. In 2021, 35% of marketers used virtual reality to market products and services.

Should you buy a home entirely via an online platform? There are many things to consider when purchasing a home, and some intangibles are not easy to gather from a virtual platform. But virtual tours are an excellent place to start the homebuying process while also avoiding the time and hassle of loading the family in the car and driving to multiple communities.

Here are our tips for getting the most out of a virtual homebuying experience:

Establish Priorities

Location will likely be the first factor you will want to consider.  Do you want to live in the city, the suburbs, or in a more rural area that has a small-town feel?  Consider the different price points in each of these types of communities and how this affects the size of home you can afford.

Next, take some time to talk with family members about the most critical priorities for your next home.  It could be helpful to make three lists: must-haves, nice-to-haves, and the icing on the cake.

For instance, four bedrooms, great schools, and a community pool and recreation area may be must-haves. Maybe your nice-to-have is a park nearby and walking trails for family fitness. Perhaps the icing on the cake is a nearby fishing pond.

Keep your location preferences and critical priorities in mind as you begin to browse communities and homes online.

Take Virtual Tours of Homes by Different Builders

Once you have identified some locations you like, look for available homes online.  There are many excellent new home communities that offer the charm of small-town life just a short drive from the excitement of the city.

Visit some new home community websites. Do they have homes for sale with virtual tours? Can you do a virtual home walkthrough or even a tour of the community’s amenities?  These options give you a place to begin investigating.

Most new home communities offer several builders for potential residents to consider. Take virtual tours of homes in the community built by different builders. Look for an easy way to compare prices and features the builders offer. This comparison will give you an idea of your options and whether the community fits your needs and budget.

Does the house look like a place you could comfortably live? Can you see yourself walking in at the end of a long day and sighing with relaxation? Perhaps enjoying family time at the pavilion and pool?

Write Down Your Questions

When touring a home or neighborhood virtually, it is easy to forget some of the most important questions to ask. Builder’s warranties, HOA policies, utility providers, and future development plans in the area are a few things you may want to learn more about.

If you write down the questions while shopping online, you’ll have those in hand when you are ready to visit a few communities in person. When touring physically, you’ll quickly be able to compare neighborhoods based on similar criteria.

Explore the Area

It’s just as important to know what’s around your new home and neighborhood as it is to have the ideal home. Once you’ve selected a few communities from virtual tours, take a little time to explore the surrounding areas.  You can even do this online to narrow your search further before visiting in person.  Online tools like Google Maps and Google Earth make this much easier than you might think.

Lilyana by Hillwood is conveniently located in beautiful Celina, Texas within the growing Collin County. The appealing area and proximity to Frisco and Plano make it an ideal location for a busy family, with shopping, dining, major corporate centers, and entertainment just a short drive away.

Investigate the Schools

One of the most critical priorities for families buying a new home is to ensure that the schools have academic excellence and extracurricular variety that keep students engaged in learning.

Lilyana is located in the highly rated Prosper School District, and children in the community attend Johnson Elementary School, Rogers Middle School, and Prosper High School. Lilyana Elementary School, located within the Lilyana new home community, is slated to open in fall 2023.

Make an In-Person Visit to the Communities You Like Best

A virtual tour is a wonderful tool to help narrow down your search. Once you have a pared-down list of the new home neighborhoods that excite you the most, go! Set an appointment to visit and get a feel for the place.

This stage is where the intangibles are most important. What is the feel of the neighborhood? Is it a place you could call home? Do the amenities measure up to the online version? Are your most-used services close to home?

Come Home to Lilyana by Hillwood in Celina

The families coming to Lilyana by Hillwood are not looking for a house; they’re looking for a home. They want a place to live whole, happy, and satisfying lives, which is what our residents have found here.  Find your new home by viewing our builders and the designs they offer at our community.

Lilyana welcomes you and your family to come and see our beautiful community. Contact our builders to schedule an in-person tour of model homes and Lilyana’s many amenities.

Four of the Best Suburbs in Dallas for New Homes

The best places to live in Dallas, Texas aren’t necessarily within the city’s limits. Often, you’ll find them a bit farther out. The best suburbs of Dallas are just far enough out to feel like small towns while still giving you the convenience of being near a big city. Of all the many wonderful communities on the top Dallas suburbs list, Lilyana by Hillwood in Celina, Texas is a popular favorite.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best suburbs in the Dallas area and what sets them apart.

Four of the Best Areas in Dallas to Live

As people move away from large cities, new home communities in suburban areas have seen tremendous growth. These suburbs have all of the benefits of being near a major metropolitan area while still maintaining a rural atmosphere. Great school districts, a reasonable cost of living, and a higher quality of life are all qualities shared by the best Dallas suburbs.

In no particular order, the following suburbs are some of the best places to live near Dallas, Texas.

1. Melissa, Texas

The population of Melissa, Texas has roughly tripled since 2010, making it one of the fastest growing cities in the area. It offers a small-town feel with plenty to do where people can work, enjoy their favorite leisure activities, and live life to its fullest. The historic farmers market in town and five beautiful parks provide excellent ways to spend an afternoon, and Melissa’s proximity to McKinney, Frisco, and Dallas mean the convenience of the city is just a short drive away. The excellent Melissa ISD provides exceptional instruction, athletics, and extracurricular activities for the town’s younger residents.

2. Little Elm, Texas

With lots of growth and new home construction going on, Little Elm is another great Dallas suburb to settle in. The town has a great atmosphere with a number of parks, local museums, and events to enjoy, providing plenty of opportunities to connect with others. Little Elm has various economic development projects underway, including a new lakefront development that will take advantage of the town’s presence on Lake Lewisville. Children of Little Elm attend public schools within Little Elm, Frisco, or Denton ISD schools, depending on their home address.  Each of these districts offer a quality education and a wide variety of athletic, fine arts, and extracurricular programs.

3. Prosper, Texas

Prosper is located just north of Dallas in close proximity to Fort Worth. With a population that has grown more than 200% since 2010, the city is thriving along with the other suburbs in the area. Proximity to Dallas and Fort Worth means there are plenty of exciting employment opportunities, and the city has recently set out a plan to reimagine its historic downtown area, including introducing more space for new businesses.

With an abundance of parks and trails, several local wineries, boutique shopping, locally owned restaurants, and a calendar full of festive local events, there is plenty of fun to be had in Prosper.

The acclaimed Prosper ISD, which serves families in Prosper and some parts of Celina, boasts excellent, tenured teachers with an average experience level of 10 years. Children attending Prosper schools enjoy a student to teacher ratio of 15.8 to 1 and have one of the highest graduation rates (99.1%) in the state.

4. Celina, Texas

Celina is a rapidly growing community with plenty to offer residents. In 2020, the population had reached over 16,000 people, and that number is estimated to be more than 23,000 now, according to the U.S. Census. The economy in Celina is thriving, with 5,740 people employed within the city, and its close proximity to Dallas makes it an excellent spot for those looking to build their careers in the North Texas region.

Celina is home to various attractions, including the historic downtown commercial area, several lovely parks, and a few wineries in and around the city. The highly acclaimed local school district—Celina ISD—is known for its commitment to embracing excellence.

FAQs on Dallas Suburbs

Is Dallas a nice place to live?

Dallas offers many opportunities for a prosperous and fulfilling lifestyle, and with a population of nearly 1.3 million, it has seen a fair amount of growth over the last ten years. The real growth, however, has occurred around Dallas’s suburbs as more economic opportunity and great communities have developed in the area.

Is Dallas expensive to live in?

The cost of living within the Dallas city limits is slightly higher than the national average, however the cost of living in the best suburbs of Dallas is lower than the national average. For example, the cost of living in Celina, Texas is 17% lower than the national average according to Many who move into Dallas suburbs do so for lower housing expenses, which have a median value of around $230K, as of 2019.

What is the best place to live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area?

Anyone wondering where to live in Dallas, TX should consider a place that offers a great sense of community, convenience, and proximity to opportunities for both work and relaxation. Green spaces, stellar amenities, and great neighbors add to the quality of life in these communities, making them perfect for anyone moving into the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

What do I need to know before moving to Dallas?

Before moving to Dallas, be prepared for the variety of communities around the city. Each place has its own vibe, so you can choose the spot that best matches your needs before settling down. There are also plenty of opportunities to work, learn, play, and relax, so do some research and find the community that appeals to you the most.

Lilyana by Hillwood – One of the Best Neighborhoods in Dallas

When looking for great Dallas neighborhoods in which to settle down, Lilyana by Hillwood in Celina within Prosper ISD is an excellent option with various parks and trails, a catch and release fishing pond, and miles of beautiful Texas landscape to enjoy. These amenities, including a future on-site Prosper ISD elementary school, and its great location make it perfect for anyone looking for an excellent new home community.

If you’re considering moving to one of Dallas’s suburbs, consider Lilyana by Hillwood. Built for community and lifestyle, Lilyana is one of the best neighborhoods in Dallas with beautiful new construction homes built by DFW’s premier homebuilders. Our community offers plenty of ways to get outside, relax, and connect, whether you’re enjoying the outdoor green spaces or visiting with friends and neighbors. Browse for your new home online or get in touch to learn more!

Making Irresistible Meals in an Outdoor Kitchen

When it comes to outdoor living, a kitchen is so often the epicenter for connection and wellbeing. With good food and close community on the menu, life is pretty delicious. 

Having an outdoor kitchen the whole family can enjoy is a philosophy that’s alive and well at Lilyana by Hillwood in Celina, TX. Located in our pavilion adjacent to the swimming pool, our outdoor kitchen is open for residents who want to connect and make memories in an open-air environment.

These are folks who have mastered the grill, as well as the art of cooking for a crowd. We asked some of our residents to share their best advice and recommendations for backyard cooking ideas to feed a group. Here’s what they told us: 

When in doubt, start with chicken.

Few foods are as versatile and crowd-pleasing as chicken. It readily adopts almost any flavor profile, is less expensive than red meat, and satisfies picky eaters and kids, too. You can make it the main course or use it to enhance one. 

Some favorite chicken recipes include: 


Kabobs Go with Everything

Because crowd cooking can mean navigating lots of different dietary restrictions, some simple veggie skewers are a great way to cover all your bases and make sure no one leaves your outdoor kitchen hungry! 

You’re free to string up any seasonal veggies you find at the farmer’s market or local grocer. However, you’ll want to avoid those that don’t stand up well to heat like greens. Otherwise, we like to alternate different combinations of:

  • Zucchini.
  • Onions.
  • Bell peppers.
  • Mushrooms.
  • Corn.
  • Cauliflower.
  • Broccoli.
  • Tomatoes.


Have a Plan for Keeping Everyone Cool and Bug-free 

In Texas, we’re fortunate that dining outdoors is a nearly year-round experience. Even still, it’s important to have a plan for keeping everyone hydrated. When the mercury rises, come prepared with a large water dispenser. 

Consider infusing the water with some cucumber slices for 2-4 hours before your gathering. According to dietitians, “These cooling foods clear out the toxin and heat from the body and protect you from many heat-related diseases.”

If you’re looking for a way to keep flies and other bugs away from the meal you have lovingly prepared, try investing in some inexpensive mesh food covers

You can make (almost) anything into a taco.

But really. Be it beans, veggies, or more traditional proteins, if you’re trying to make a meal stretch, portion it out into tacos, load it up with lettuce and salsa, then serve. 

People also love the camaraderie and creativity that comes from a build your own taco bar! 

For more ideas, check out this 27 taco Tuesday recipe roundup from The Spruce.

Use Compostable Dish Ware for Easy Cleanup

Especially if you’re feeding a big crowd, you can end up with a lot of waste. But if your cups, plates, napkins, and cutlery are all compostable, you can have one single trash receptacle to collect everything at once. 

You can dispose of it in a number of ways: by offering to give it to a community garden, contacting your city to see if they have composting services, or starting your own compost in the backyard! 

Keep Side Dishes Simple 

Again, the trick here is to see what’s in season and let that guide your meal planning.

Review this interactive seasonal food guide of fruits and veggies to see the time of year they’re typically most ripe and available. From there, grab some olive oil, salt, and pepper, and fire up the grill for a no-fuss family dinner al fresco.

There’s Always Room for Dessert 

Ending the evening on a sweet note is a great way to bring the meal to a close. Try grilling some summer peaches or autumn apples and using them as an ice cream topping, or making a cobbler on the grill


Backyard Cooking at Lilyana by Hillwood

Is your mouth watering just thinking about all these tasty summer meals? Us, too. It’s one reason we’re so proud of the community outdoor kitchen at Lilyana by Hillwood. And it’s just one of the many perks we offer homeowners. 

Want to see where you fit? Explore our new homes then reach out to a builder to learn more about our new home community in Celina. 

5 Fun Things to Do in Prosper, TX

As people move from large cities to the suburbs, Prosper has become a popular place to live. As of the 2020 census, Prosper’s population has more than doubled since 2010, making it one of the fastest-growing cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Of course, those who move away from the city don’t miss out on fun and recreation.  Folks who live in or near Prosper have plenty of things to do in and around the area and are close enough to Frisco to give residents access to the “big city” life too!

5 Things to Do in Prosper, TX

If you’re searching for some fun in and around Prosper, try these ideas:

1.     Enjoy Outdoor Recreation

One great thing to do with the family is visit one of the town’s many local parks. The town has many trails and bike paths through natural settings, so it’s easy to get out in nature.

Prosper’s most well-known park is Frontier Park, which gives people access to various sports fields, walking trails, biking trails, a community playground, a splash pad, and a catch-and-release pond. Other public parks in town include:

  • Cedar Grove Park
  • Boyer Park
  • Hays Park
  • Tucker Park

These areas are great for taking the kids out to a playground, walking pets, or simply getting out to enjoy the outdoors.

If you love the links, try out nearby Westridge Golf Course which is open to the public. It offers an 18-hole championship course, memberships, lessons, golf outings, a driving range, and a restaurant.  It is perfect for anyone itching to tee off for an afternoon.

2.     Visit Area Wineries

Oenophiles (a.k.a. wine lovers) will want to visit the Prosper area’s local wineries.  There you can taste hand-made wines, see the winemaking process, and relax with beautiful views and live entertainment (depending on the night).

Two of the best wineries near Prosper are Caudalie Crest Winery and Eden Hill Winery & Vineyard. Caudalie Crest is a boutique-style winery offering a diverse selection of wines, light snacks, live music evenings, and High Tea on the farm.  It’s a predominantly outdoor facility with a classic country feel—complete with goats!

Eden Hill Vineyard features tours, events, music, and excellent Texas wines.  Plan ahead to visit the Estate Tasting Room (reservations required) or just drop by to enjoy the food and wine at Cellar Bar and Patios.

3.     Go Shopping

Of course, Prosper also has many of the usual retail staples, but the locally owned shops are definitely worth checking out. Downtown Prosper features many great stores, such as:

  • Lily Claire, featuring clothing, gifts, styling services, and shopping parties.
  • Dawson & Claire, which offers modern home products, apparel, accessories, and gifts.
  • Famous in Oregon, which not only sells plants, but teaches customers how to care for them.
  • Black Willow Boutique, which features trendy women’s apparel, accessories, footwear, and gifts.

You might also try the local shopping centers when you feel the need for some retail therapy. The Gates of Prosper and Shops at Prosper Trail are both popular attractions with a wide range of options.

4.     Try Organized Sports & Camps

Adults and kids in and around Prosper have many choices when it comes to recreational sports and other activities. There are various organized sports leagues in Prosper, including:

  • The Prosper Youth Sports Association (PYSA), which offers a wide range of sports for kids of all ages.
  • Prosper Adult Sports (PAS), which hosts competitive adult leagues and donates back to youth sports organizations.
  • Spikes Baseball Club, which offers enrollment in baseball teams for youth.

The Town of Prosper also offers fun sports programs for adults and summer activities for kids, which include magic camps, flag football, tennis, dodgeball, and more.

5.     Taste the Local Cuisine

Check out the food and libations in these locally owned restaurants:

  • The Nook CKMC: A cocktail kitchen and market cafe in Celina that features comfort foods, breakfast bites, and brunch.
  • Toasted Walnut Table and Market: A southern bistro in Celina with the goal of creating “food that restores, replenishes and revives.”
  • The Gin: A bar and restaurant offering great food, drinks, and live music.
  • The Brass Tap Prosper: A pub with over 150 craft beers, food, and live entertainment.
  • KillA Pie: Prosper’s Detroit style pizzeria which offers great, scratch-made food and an upbeat attitude.
  • Cotton Gin Café: A cozy place downtown offering delicious home-style meals.

Fun Events in Prosper, TX

There are also many fun events for Prosper residents to enjoy including:

  • Prosper Fishing Derby (February)
  • Prosper Annual Spring Cleanup (March)
  • Mayor’s Coffee and Mayor’s Luncheon (Spring)
  • Pride in the Sky Independence Day Celebration (July)
  • Champion Tree Contest (Fall)
  • Celebrate Prosper (October)
  • National Night Out Block Party (October)
  • Prosper Arbor Day Celebration (November)
  • Prosper Christmas Festival (December)

These events provide amazing opportunities to gather as a community, create connections, and deepen relationships. More details can be found on the Town of Prosper’s website.

Bring Your Family to Prosper and Celina

Homeowners in North Texas love living in Prosper/Celina and enjoying all the area has to offer.  Lilyana by Hillwood, a new home community in Celina, Texas, is right in the middle of it all, offering beautiful homes from top builders, excellent schools in the Prosper ISD, and an array of quality amenities on-site.  Just 10 miles north of Frisco, Lilyana offers the charm of a small community within easy reach of the city. To learn more about our community, take a virtual tour, contact one of our builders, or get in touch with us today!

What Should I Ask when Buying a House?

Buying a new home is a thrilling experience, but it’s important to make sure your new house is a good fit. That not only means familiarizing yourself with the home, its cost, condition, etc., but also the surrounding community.  Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or you’ve been around the block already, here are some excellent questions to ask when buying a new construction home in a new home community.

1. Who is the builder?

You want a builder who has a good track record and who stands by their work. Asking who built the home you’re considering can help you evaluate the overall quality of its construction. By choosing a home from a reputable builder, you can be certain that the house conforms to a high standard of craftsmanship.

At Lilyana by Hillwood in Celina, our builders are American Legend Homes, Highland Homes, and M/I Homes, all of whom are known for building high quality homes that homeowners love.

2. How much are HOA fees, and what do they cover?

Many of the best new home communities have homeowners’ associations. This is typically a good thing. In fact, one survey shows that about 73% of Texas residents believe their HOA provides needed value and support, so it’s worth asking about the local community association.

Naturally, you you’ll want to ask about fees, but don’t stop there. In addition to the total cost, make sure you get details on what those fees cover, whether that includes landscaping, maintenance of parks and common areas, etc.

3. What are the HOA’s rules?

HOA rules are also important. To make sure a community is a good fit for your family, you’ll want to get some details on the kinds of requirements the association has regarding the aesthetics of the houses in your neighborhood, noise complaint policies, parking guidelines, decoration restrictions, and so forth.

4. What’s the local school district?

For many, the key to a good community is a good school system. Asking about the local school district can help you make sure your child will get a good education. In addition, the quality of the school district often reflects the community as a whole.

A highly rated school district—such as Prosper ISD in which Lilyana resides—can be a major selling point for anyone looking for a place to live.

5. What community amenities are there?

New home communities often have shared amenities, so it’s good to choose a place that has options you and your family will enjoy. Those might include a community pool, parks, playgrounds, walking trails, pavilions, and more, so find out what the area has to offer. For instance, Lilyana has a number of scenic parks (including one with a pickleball court!), a beautiful pool, an outdoor kitchen and even a catch-and-release fishing pond, which can be wonderful for families who love the outdoors.

6. Who provides utilities?

Local utilities are, of course, vital. The city or companies supplying your utilities such as electric, gas, water, telephone, and more are not only important to know once you move in, but also a potential deciding factor beforehand. Cities with reliable services are more likely to provide a favorable experience and prompt repairs in the event of an outage.

7. What’s nearby?

Of course, it’s not all about what’s in the neighborhood itself. Location is a major deciding factor for many people moving into North Texas, and proximity to city amenities can be a major selling point. Asking what cities, stores, hospitals, airports, and other resources are nearby can help you decide whether a given neighborhood is a good fit. For instance, Lilyana’s proximity to Frisco, TX makes it a great option for people looking for a quiet neighborhood with small-town charm that is just a short drive from a vibrant city that offers a fantastic selection of shopping, dining, entertainment, and employment options.

8. What future developments are planned for the area?

Finally, new home communities are likely to continue growing long after you move in, so it can be helpful to consider what developments are planned for the neighborhood you’re looking at. If the aesthetic of the home’s surroundings is a selling point for you, you’ll want to make sure those surroundings will remain attractive for years to come.

Buying a New Home? Check Out Lilyana by Hillwood!

Asking the right questions when buying a house is an important part of making a purchase you’re happy with. If you’re researching homes near Celina or Collin County, you’ll want to consider Lilyana by Hillwood. Many answers to common questions can be found here, and you can even take a virtual tour to get a feel for the neighborhood. If you have further questions, get in touch!

How Celina & Collin County Are Changing

Celina is one of the fastest-growing cities in North Texas, and that growth is due in part to the many changes that have been made in the city and Collin County as a whole. In this article, we’ll take a look at how Celina and Collin County are changing for the better and what that means for you.

Recent Changes in Celina and Collin County

The changes made in Celina and Collin County in recent years benefit long time residents, brand new residents, real estate investors, and more. Here are a few of those positive impacts.

An Ideal Communities for Families

First is the construction of new home communities. These communities are built from the ground up with convenience and quality of life in mind, making them the ideal places to move in, raise a family, and become a part of a wonderful neighborhood.

Lilyana is one such community. Here, we offer a wide range of amenities including a fishing pond, parks, playgrounds, sports courts, biking trails, and a resort-style pool, all within the acclaimed Prosper ISD.

A Great Place to Work

Not only is Celina great for raising a family, but it’s also an ideal location to work. Between the years of 2010 and 2019, over 202,000 jobs were created in Collin County, making it a prime location to either start your career or take it to the next level. In addition, the average commute time in the county is under 30 minutes, and initiatives have been passed to improve roads used by those with longer commutes.

Attractive Real Estate Incentives

Further feeding into the population explosion in Celina are the prime opportunities for real estate. To encourage real estate investment and expansion in the area, the city of Celina has a number of programs that are of special interest to those wanting to build within the city. These include such programs as:

  • The Neighborhood Empowerment Zone (NEZ), which reduces fees for commercial and residential construction in the area.
  • Downtown Improvement Programs (DIP), which reimburses half the cost of “meaningful additions to the public realm,” such as public art, lighting, façade improvements, etc.
  • Residential Tax Reinvestment Program (RTRP), which covers tax increases (one-time only) from improvements and expansions on residential properties downtown.

Business owners, builders, and real estate investors can benefit from these incentives, drawing more commerce to the area as a result.

Continuing Improvements

Not only has Celina seen recent improvements, but those improvements are likely to continue. For instance, the city recently announced an $8 million project that would enhance various aspects of the city, such as drainage, parking, water lines, and more. This project and others will continue to increase the quality of life in the area, attracting more people.

Celina Vs. Prosper – A Quick Comparison

Celina isn’t the only city to see changes for the better; neighboring Prosper is also an excellent place to move to. To understand what both these cities have to offer, let’s look at some quick comparisons using the latest census data.


Homeownership in both Celina and Prosper is high, with percentages reaching 80.7% and 86.4% respectively. This is much higher than the 65% in Collin and Denton counties as a whole.

Average homeowner costs (minus mortgage) are higher in Prosper at $1,133 per month versus $827 in Celina, which is closer to the median for Collin County.


Population-wise, Prosper is home to more households than Celina (6,634 versus 3,466 at the last census). Prosper also has a slightly higher average number of persons per household. In 2010, however, Celina had a higher population per square mile at 430.2 versus Prosper’s 417.3. Naturally, that number has likely increased significantly as the city has grown.


The most current data available (2012) from the U.S. Economic Census shows both cities are booming economically, with retail sales of $23.6 million in Celina and $35.4 million in Prosper. Ready access to shopping and comfortable commute times (just under 35 minutes for both Celina and Prosper) make these cities convenient, desirable places to live. In fact, from 2015 to 2019, most residents of these towns reported living in the same home they did the previous year (84.6% in Celina and 83.7% in Prosper).

Find a Place Where Tranquility and Convenience Meet

If you’re looking for an excellent place to live, Celina—and specifically, Lilyana—is a place where tranquility and convenience meet. Learn more about our location or get in touch to discover why people love living in Lilyana by Hillwood!

The Prosper Promise: An Educational Partnership

Prosper ISD is an acclaimed Texas school district serving the Prosper community and other select areas. The Prosper, TX ISD is home to numerous preschools and elementary schools, four middle schools, and a high school, all of which are committed to providing the best possible education to students.

Families who live in Lilyana by Hillwood, the new home community in Celina, Texas, can send their kids to Prosper schools and many are familiar with the Prosper ISD benefits.  In this article, we’ll go over what parents love about Prosper ISD schools, starting with Prosper Promise.

What Is the Prosper Promise?

The Prosper Promise is centered around Prosper ISD’s commitment to creating long lasting partnerships with students, parents, staff, and the community. The program offers parents of students in Prosper schools many opportunities to connect with school administrators, teachers, and each other through events and volunteering.  Here are some examples:

Community Events

The school district hosts various events designed to bring people together. Informational events include campus tours, presentations, seminars, and so forth, while other community events include gatherings such as luncheons, community workouts, and charity events.

Prosper Education Foundation

The Prosper Education Foundation (PEF) is composed of community members who help support the ISD’s goals of academic excellence, innovation, etc. The foundation raises funds for important initiatives, and it gives community members an opportunity to participate in educating the next generation.

Advisory Committees

Prosper’s advisory committees serve the school district in a number of ways. Committees include the Superintendent Parent Advisory, School Health Advisory Council, Prosper Parent Ambassadors, Prosper University, District Improvement Committee, and several others. These committees allow parents to have a say in their children’s education while also connecting with other parents.

What Prosper ISD Offers Students and Parents

As parents, teachers, students, and community members all serve together, Prosper ISD schools are able to offer students the best education possible while also helping everyone grow together as a community.

Some of the benefits of living in the Prosper ISD include:

Excellent Education at All Levels

Prosper is committed to helping students graduate, and the figures speak for themselves. On the whole, Prosper ISD boasts one of the highest graduation rates in the state at 99.1%. In addition, a large proportion of graduates are considered college ready, with about 60% of students reaching proficient levels of reading and math for their grade level (statewide average is 44%).

Experienced Staff

One of the keys to quality education is experienced staff. Prosper ISD has highly competent teachers, with the average experience level hovering just over 10 years. The majority of staff have at least a bachelor’s degree, and about 30% have master’s degrees. The attention your child gets during class is also relatively high, with a student-to-teacher ratio of 15.8 to 1.

With experienced staff members and smaller classroom sizes, you can be confident that your child will get the support they need from highly qualified staff.

Opportunities to Connect

As mentioned above, Prosper ISD has many opportunities to connect, whether that’s through the community programs listed above or extracurricular activities offered to students. The school district has various traditions that can help students feel like they’re part of something greater.

The diverse Prosper ISD has a broad range of ethnicities represented and 65 languages spoken in the  district. This sets the stage for building a culture of inclusivity and understanding in the rising generation.

Parents also have the opportunity to play an important role in their children’s education by participating in advisory committees, community events, and more.

Lilyana’s Partnership with Prosper ISD

Lilyana is located within Prosper ISD, with students attending these schools:

We are also partnering with Prosper ISD to bring an on-site elementary school to our community, making your child’s education an integral part of the lifestyle at Lilyana. Parents love the convenience of having their child’s elementary school right in the neighborhood. And studies show that walking or biking to school is good for kids in numerous ways.

We’re excited to be working with Prosper ISD to bring quality education right into the heart of our neighborhood!

New Home Community in Prosper ISD

In addition to an award-winning school system, Lilyana by Hillwood offers many other amenities and opportunities to connect with neighbors and friends, all while maintaining a family-friendly community layout. To learn more about our new home community, take a virtual tour or get in touch!

6 Signs You Need a Bigger Home

Have you grown out of your house? If you have been living in your home for a while, you probably have created a lot of happy memories there.  And when you’ve put a significant amount of time and effort into choosing and decorating your home, you may feel attached to it. Though this is perfectly normal, it does keep some families from recognizing when they need to find a bigger house.

There are many telltale signs your house is too small, but most people don’t realize them right away. Below, we’ve assembled some key reasons to explore buying a bigger house.

1. Your Family Has Grown

There is genuinely very little that can prepare a family for the addition of children. When an individual or couple first buys a home, they may look at the location, the aesthetics, and the flow of the living space. However, when a family adds children, the same people will suddenly have to prioritize extra bedrooms, room to play, and outside safety. What was important to you during your childless years fades away the minute your child is born.

If your family has grown, it’s likely time to move to a bigger house. Not only do you need extra bedrooms for the kids, but you also need space for grandparents and visitors to stay. You also need to account for your own needs, including having a separate space just for you.

2. You Have an Active Social Circle

Many people like to host friends and neighbors at their homes. Entertaining is a fulfilling and exciting part of life, especially once you’ve tired of going out to clubs and bars on the weekends. However, if you’re resisting the urge to entertain or you feel cramped when people do come over, these may be signs your house is too small.  If you love entertaining but can’t do so comfortably, your home is no longer meeting your needs.

3. You’ve Run Out of Storage

People accumulate a lot of stuff over time. Though you may donate to charities and throw things away, you will find that you need things that you didn’t need before as your family grows. So, if you find yourself tripping over your stuff or renting a storage unit, it’s time to consider a bigger house with more room for your things.

4. You’re Working From Home

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, millions of people are working remotely to avoid contracting the virus. For many companies, this change is permanent. If you are working from home, it’s important to establish boundaries, both physical and mental, between your personal life and your work life. Usually, this means establishing a separate place to work, such as an office or a study. If your home doesn’t have room for that, you may need to move to a bigger house.

5. You’ve Lived in Your Home for a While

One in four Americans feels that they’ve outgrown their home space after only two years of living there. If you’ve lived in your home for several years, it’s important to really take a look at your home and your lifestyle. It’s time to assess whether your family truly fits in your house anymore. Chances are, you’ll find that more space is needed.

6. You Don’t Have Privacy

Whether you live with a partner or children, you must have some privacy and time to yourself. This allows you to take care of your own needs and cultivate your own interests. If your home offers no private place to relax or get away from others in your household, it’s too small.

Take a Look at the New Homes at Lilyana by Hillwood

Ultimately, if you’re constantly asking yourself, “Should I buy a bigger house?” the answer is likely yes. There are many advantages of buying a bigger house and once you’re enjoying your new space, you’ll wonder why you waited so long!  If you’re looking for a larger home, come see the new home community at Lilyana by Hillwood in Celina, Texas. We’ve established a vibrant and welcoming community with fantastic amenities, a convenient location, and exceptional Prosper ISD schools.

If you are ready to upgrade to a bigger home, contact us online or take a virtual tour. We’re here to help you into a home that truly fits.