What Should I Ask when Buying a House?

Buying a new home is a thrilling experience, but it’s important to make sure your new house is a good fit. That not only means familiarizing yourself with the home, its cost, condition, etc., but also the surrounding community.  Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or you’ve been around the block already, here are some excellent questions to ask when buying a new construction home in a new home community.

1. Who is the builder?

You want a builder who has a good track record and who stands by their work. Asking who built the home you’re considering can help you evaluate the overall quality of its construction. By choosing a home from a reputable builder, you can be certain that the house conforms to a high standard of craftsmanship.

At Lilyana by Hillwood in Celina, our builders are American Legend Homes, Highland Homes, and M/I Homes, all of whom are known for building high quality homes that homeowners love.

2. How much are HOA fees, and what do they cover?

Many of the best new home communities have homeowners’ associations. This is typically a good thing. In fact, one survey shows that about 73% of Texas residents believe their HOA provides needed value and support, so it’s worth asking about the local community association.

Naturally, you you’ll want to ask about fees, but don’t stop there. In addition to the total cost, make sure you get details on what those fees cover, whether that includes landscaping, maintenance of parks and common areas, etc.

3. What are the HOA’s rules?

HOA rules are also important. To make sure a community is a good fit for your family, you’ll want to get some details on the kinds of requirements the association has regarding the aesthetics of the houses in your neighborhood, noise complaint policies, parking guidelines, decoration restrictions, and so forth.

4. What’s the local school district?

For many, the key to a good community is a good school system. Asking about the local school district can help you make sure your child will get a good education. In addition, the quality of the school district often reflects the community as a whole.

A highly rated school district—such as Prosper ISD in which Lilyana resides—can be a major selling point for anyone looking for a place to live.

5. What community amenities are there?

New home communities often have shared amenities, so it’s good to choose a place that has options you and your family will enjoy. Those might include a community pool, parks, playgrounds, walking trails, pavilions, and more, so find out what the area has to offer. For instance, Lilyana has a number of scenic parks (including one with a pickleball court!), a beautiful pool, an outdoor kitchen and even a catch-and-release fishing pond, which can be wonderful for families who love the outdoors.

6. Who provides utilities?

Local utilities are, of course, vital. The city or companies supplying your utilities such as electric, gas, water, telephone, and more are not only important to know once you move in, but also a potential deciding factor beforehand. Cities with reliable services are more likely to provide a favorable experience and prompt repairs in the event of an outage.

7. What’s nearby?

Of course, it’s not all about what’s in the neighborhood itself. Location is a major deciding factor for many people moving into North Texas, and proximity to city amenities can be a major selling point. Asking what cities, stores, hospitals, airports, and other resources are nearby can help you decide whether a given neighborhood is a good fit. For instance, Lilyana’s proximity to Frisco, TX makes it a great option for people looking for a quiet neighborhood with small-town charm that is just a short drive from a vibrant city that offers a fantastic selection of shopping, dining, entertainment, and employment options.

8. What future developments are planned for the area?

Finally, new home communities are likely to continue growing long after you move in, so it can be helpful to consider what developments are planned for the neighborhood you’re looking at. If the aesthetic of the home’s surroundings is a selling point for you, you’ll want to make sure those surroundings will remain attractive for years to come.

Buying a New Home? Check Out Lilyana by Hillwood!

Asking the right questions when buying a house is an important part of making a purchase you’re happy with. If you’re researching homes near Celina or Collin County, you’ll want to consider Lilyana by Hillwood. Many answers to common questions can be found here, and you can even take a virtual tour to get a feel for the neighborhood. If you have further questions, get in touch!